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was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and sector professionals, operating as an independent kitchen centre for over 15 years.

It is a young, dynamic and renewed group. With their experience, they propose to lead the way to new and different working methods in the food industry, specifically in the preparation of concentrated homestyle broths and in general in catering, using their know-how on pre-prepared and pre-cooked convenience food based on flavour, health and great traditional cooking.


It is a Head Office of Gastronomic Production, with a high performance production kitchen. The main objective is to create an artisan kitchen that produces complex products such as high quality homemade broths, with traditional and healthy Mediterranean flavours.

Through cutting-edge technology, we distribute our products to innumerable catering sector franchises and chains.

We offer unique and innovative technology in the food sector and we provide the client with pre-prepared and pre-cooked convenience food.

Taking advantage of technological innovation, we offer and develop dishes that are in a continuous flow process and with a minimum processing time, conserving their natural properties, their organoleptic characteristics and turning industrial foods into traditional cuisine.


MEDITERRANEA FOOD SOLUTION, S.L., as renowned rice sector professionals, we have developed a range of professional liquid concentrated homemade broths (fish, meat, etc.) for household use, under our PAELLALIA trademark.

“Now it’s possible to make good rice, fideúa (seafood noodle paella), cauldron dishes, suquets (fish stews), at home”, with PAELLALIA homemade concentrated broths.”

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